London Skyline

360 Engineering Ltd are a specialist in the design and installation of air conditioning & ventilation systems. Always delivering excellence in engineering and a commercial sharpness which has brought us to the attention of our clients in the increasing Design & Build market. We have in-house design specialists, enabling us to optimise the design without compromise and by maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers, we negotiate the most favourable costs.

As a Daikin D1+ Installer, our clients benefit from the extended warranty they have awarded us and enhanced technical support so that the decision to work with us can be justified beyond the commercial benefits.

Our Head Office in Berkhamsted, north west of London is fully equipped with the latest design tools, energy simulation programs and CAD services operated by staff who have specialist knowledge of the ever changing legislation requirements to keep our clients current. Additionally we have a satellite office in central London to support our projects in the capital.

We know from experience that the priority in a project will vary; environmental concerns, cost, programme, engineering complexity even personality clashes. We have a consistent reputation for understanding the brief, managing the personalities involved and delivering the finished product exactly as agreed.