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What is this?

R22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon also known as an HCFC and was the most commonly used refrigerant in air conditioning systems. Due to its ozone depletion potential and status as a potent greenhouse gas, it will soon be phased out.

When is R22 banned?

You can no longer buy R22 gas for your equipment, but you can still buy recycled R22 for service purposes. This will remain the case until 31st December 2014 when the ban will be strengthened to prevent the sale or storage of any R22 refrigerant.

You can still operate the air conditioning system, but should it need any repair involving the refrigerant circuit, this will not be possible and the equipment will need to be de-commissioned and its R22 content will go for legal disposal.

What is the solution?

We can manage your legal obligations and the installation of a replacement system. In most cases we can re-use the existing pipework so updating the system need not be disruptive or expensive. Also it’s worth knowing that the modern systems are so much more efficient than the old R22, so you should expect to save around 40% on running costs.

These are the facts, if you think you may be affected by this legislation then contact us and we will advise you on costs and replacement options.