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Transforming a tired & outdated suite of offices into a bright, clean & modern space ready for London’s vibrant business creatives to excel in.


Space Workplace, an interiors fit-out specialist, asked us to design an HVAC solution for 3 floors of office accommodation for Knotel, who offer flexible office space for leading brands.

Each floor is a mixture of open plan working spaces, breakout spaces and meeting rooms. It is important that each area can be independently controlled. Our client understands the importance of mechanical ventilation keeping the livability of the space in top condition for creative working and regards the ventilation provision as important as the AC.

The refurbished floors had no ceilings with all services on show. This means the mechanical design is no longer purely functional, it is a key ingredient in achieving the look and feel of the environment. Every line of ductwork, every curve & bend must now be striking as well as functional. Containment trays are no longer just to support services, they now create strong lines for a creative design element. Everything we planned in our design was for function and form.

Our Solution

The obvious choice might have been to use heat recovery VRF systems, one per floor to give independent use of each area and minimise condensing units. However when we surveyed the site, we found a huge expanse of roof, littered with old condensing units from various iterations of the building’s use over the proceeding 25 years. We carried out a costing exercise between a VRF option and a Split option and found a cost saving of around 30% on the Split option without any compromise on control or performance.

To develop this idea to an approved design, we held consultations with the landlord to discuss clearing the roof and allowing the new installation to be multiple Split systems located along a single wall. It would rationalise the space on the roof and maintain a flexible installation allowing the use of the building to evolve as tenants change. The landlord was in agreement as the benefits to him were obvious.

We selected from Mitsubishi Electric’s range of R32 Super Inverter Mr Slim Cassette range. This gave the extended piperuns needed and Knotel would benefit from the 7 year warranty available to 360 from Mitsubishi.

The ventilation design was developed using Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay Heat Recovery range. Each floor was served by a number of Lossnay units providing tempered supply and extract air for full occupancy. Aligning the controls with the AC to ensure that the floors are at temperature before the Lossnay units operate; a simple controls setting that maximises the efficiency of the combined AC and ventilation design.

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