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Collaborating with the world’s leading Private Member’s Club for HVAC at their latest London location.


During our initial meetings with the design teams from The Vinyl Factory and Soho House the overriding requirement was exceptional performance and outstanding aesthetic. 

The requirement was to design and build exceptional HVAC services over seven floors for use as creative working spaces. Spaces that need to switch from creative working to entertaining; from quiet contemplation to large collaborations. 

The spaces needed to remain flexible for use without any compromise on HVAC performance no matter what the demand.

Our Solution

Using Mitsubishi Electric’s Water Cooled VRF connected to the central loop and a combination of Systemair and Lossnay Heat Recovery AHUs, we provided each floor with a fresh and comfortable environment to enable working, entertaining and collaboration for the world’s leading private members’ clubs.

For performance they wanted better than the standard guidelines will suggest. They wanted the flexibility to re-imagine the space for different uses. The HVAC must be capable of maintaining conditions whether it is being used as a working office or a large entertaining space.

These two marques are known worldwide for their inventive and trend setting interior designs. The look and feel of the spaces they wanted to create for The Strand and the impact the HVAC would have on it was significant. Listening to the teams describe their vision for the project helped us understand how to interpret that vision for our design. 

Every detail was considered, strong lines were to be bold and valued; but as much that was to remain on show, some elements were also hidden and concealed. We designed specific joinery top sections to act as grilles for the concealed fan coils. AHUs were hidden in cupboards or above kitchens. Considerable attention was spent throughout the project coordinating our services to maintain maximum floor heights. Flat-Oval ductwork was used in all exposed areas and bespoke square was used to navigate through concealed areas, transforming back to flat-oval where it remerged. Using these mixed styles creatively permits us to traverse through the floors to maintain heights and avoid any clashes, allowing all the services to maintain the balance between visual and function.

The finished project has provided Soho House with a truly fascinating and original creative working space.

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