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Remove dependency on chillers and provide HVAC for flexible spaces by replacing the old heating system with a new AC system


One of Workspace’s more recent acquisitions came with some sitting tenants. End-of-lease vacancies provided the opportunity to refurbish and reconfigure this building in the heart of London with a range of offices and studios for the burgeoning small and start-up business sector. A key decision was to replace the old heating system with new AC and provide ventilation to all floors via a new AHU.

Workspace have to react to the particular requirements of new tenants; they must be flexible to create spaces to suit their tenants. Any new systems proposed have to support this benchmark offering technically and remain commercially viable.

Our Solution

The outline design was in place, however there was a large element of CDP for the Ventilation design and Daikin Heat Recovery VRV Systems were the perfect solution. Using their Multi-Way BS Boxes with Isolation Valves allow endless relocations and modifications without disruption to other users and without the cost of a complete decommission/recommission with each modification. A Nuaire Heat Recovery AHU provides tempered fresh air to all floors.

The roof and plant room was cleared of the existing chiller, AHUs and boilers. All new plant was located onto the roof and existing condensing units, installed as part of an earlier refurbishment, at ground floor level in the car park were decommissioned and relocated to the roof. All of these relocations took place without disturbance to the tenants; enabling works were carried out, new pipe routes installed in advance and then over the four day Easter holiday period the existing systems were decommissioned, craned into their new positions and recommissioned ready for normal operation when the tenants returned to work.

With all plant now on the roof, the car park beneath was freed up to provide a courtyard & garden area for the tenants without loss of parking spaces.

The new HVAC installation to the 5 remaining floors was all exposed in the ‘industrial style’ which has become so popular in London’s commercial property offering. The ventilation ductwork, the AC pipework and all components are embraced by the design team to create the look and feel of the building. They are as important to the overall design as the furnishings and finishes.

Our attention to detail and skilful execution makes us the perfect partner for the design team.

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